WP5 - Replication of remaining lifetime assessment on commercial turbines

This WP is led by European Energy. The methods developed in WP4 will be applied/ validated on commercial installed turbines equipped with sensors and condition monitoring to predict remaining life of its components as well as take into consideration the findings for the design of new wind turbines.  Suzlon will test the tools and methods on one of their most installed platforms to evaluate the potential for accurate remaining life prediction.

Loads measurements from relatively newer wind turbines such as Vestas V-117 with industrial project partners will also be used to validate probabilistic models of the fatigue damage on its structural components and to quantify the annual reliability of structures and return periods of failure events. Such information can be used in the design of new wind turbines to be calibrate partial safety factors accurately, thus saving material cost while extending lifetime of new turbines. Such a design approach will put the wind energy industry on the same path as other mature industry such as automotive or aircraft, where online operational data is widely used to improve and tailor designs accurately to conditions.