WP2 - Classification of operational wind turbines reaching design life

This work package is led by ALL NRG. Based on detailed information gathered from various stakeholders, the requirements to be met for wind turbine life extension are prepared. These definitions or requirements will be the basis for the project whereby methods and procedures are developed which measure whether the requirements are met or not when deciding on life extension.

The work package will also develop a matrix for classifying turbines that are nearing end of life based on the requirements from stakeholders. This implies that the wind turbine is classified based on a set of system level parameters such as the turbine rating, whether a design basis of the turbine is available, whether the turbine has been certified according to an IEC standard, the presence of regular maintenance records, detailed component inspections made, etc. Such a classification will allow the sub sequent analysis on the state of the turbine being analyzed, that is given the classification level, the methods to be utilized for conforming to the requirements for life extension can be identified.