WP3 - Existing Standards on remaining lifetime assessment

This work package is led by AAU. Design standards provide requirements and guidelines for design of new structures. Examples are the IEC 61400 series for design of wind turbines, the Eurocodes for design of buildings and bridges and the ISO 19900 series for design of offshore structures. However, very limited information is available on assessment of existing structures, incl. estimation of the remaining lifetime.

In this WP information on assessment of existing structures and remaining lifetime in existing standards are collected with special emphasis on techniques and approaches that can be useful for wind turbines. The standards to be considered will include at least: ISO 13822, the new draft Technical Standard being developed in the Eurocode system, ISO standards for offshore structures, DNV GL and ABS standards. Further, the application of the general principles for assessment of reliability of structures in ISO 2394 will be included.